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Growing Platycerium ridleyi and P. "Mt kitshakood" In clay pots..

Ferns for saleI will be posting a few things I have larger quantities of here. I have lots more Platycerium ferns for sale and you can feel free to contact me even if I do not have it listed here.
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Ferns for sale

Platycerium bifurcatum V. vildrii

Over the past 4 years I have grown this interesting miniature from the photo.  This plant was originally propagated in the 60's.  Check out my other photo at platycerium cultivars    

Bayer's Advanced Insect Killer

Bayer's Advanced Insect Killer
This is an insecticide I use safely on ALL platycerium ferns. IT works like a dream. Does not effect the fern and should not kill it. I had used it on small seedlings and pups and have had noting but good results. It will kill the insects instantly and then has another chemical that will get inside of the ferns and keep on killing insects. I recommend using this if you wont fast results. I only know that i have used this chemical in the % ratings safely and do not know if using more of one chemical will harm the fern of not. I do not think it matters. You also can get Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower insect Killer. That has B-cyluthrin in it. It is only sold in a 24 oz bottle.

Where to buy: Lowes hardware is the place I get it. It come in concentrate so you will need to mix some up in a separate bottle. READ THE DIRECTIONS.

Chemicals: Imidacloprid .72% this is the systemic. B-cyfluthrin .36% Kills on contact.

Here is a links to the sight where you can order it online. Bayer's Advanced Insect Killer
And the Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower Insect killer

Platycerium 'Mt kitshakood' P. ridleyi Cross

I'd like to intoduce this new cultivar 12/4/2008
Platycerium 'Mt kitshakood'
Platycerium ridleyi X Platycerium coronarium
Check out photos Here> Platycerium cultivar

How to grow Platycerium from Spore
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Platycerium Spore

New photos of Platycerium 'callard'
platycerium cultivar

New photo of my P. elemaria
Platycerium cultivars

P. madagascariense wild plans

Thanks to who ever took this photo it is amazing.
Platycerium "Durval Nunes"
July 8 2008
Take a look at other related cultivars with the link below
Platycerium madagascariense

Platycerium elephantotis
spore grown plants
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Platycerium Grande
New Photos
By Kelly Haiku HI.
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Platycerium grande

Introducing A Extreamy Rare New Cultivar October 2007
Platycerium 'Durval Nunes'

I like to introduce this extravagant cultivar. P.'Durval Nunes' is a cross with P.madagascariense and another platycerium fern. Like P.madagascariense it has the waffle like texture and grasping shields. Al tho the fronds are different there is not question that one of the parents was P .madagascariense. And who know it just may be a P .mad. To my knowledge this and P. 'horns surprise' are the only cultivars that are from P. madagascariense. I know that this cultivar can be propagated by spore and pups. I believe by spring that some more will be made available keep checking back. I will be posting more info and let people know when more are ready. You can email me if you wont to get on the weighting list. platyceriumfern@gmail.com
Growing Platycerium Ferns From Spores
In this post I explain how to grow Platycerium ferns (staghorn fern) from spores.  Click on the words NEW POST to be redirected to the webpage.  

Platycerium Groth habits

I would like to show people how fast some of these fern can grow, using a coronarium.

The first picture this plant is about 4 years. The plant is about 6 inches tall.

In the 2nd picture it is now 5 years old the plant is about 12 inches tall. The fertile frond about 5 inches.

Now this fern is 5.8 years old. The plant is about 26 inches total. In 8 months it grew 8 inches.

This is a Grande in the first piture the plant is about 5 years old and 8 months later.