Introducing A Extreamy Rare New Cultivar October 2007
Platycerium 'Durval Nunes'

I like to introduce this extravagant cultivar. P.'Durval Nunes' is a cross with P.madagascariense and another platycerium fern. Like P.madagascariense it has the waffle like texture and grasping shields. Al tho the fronds are different there is not question that one of the parents was P .madagascariense. And who know it just may be a P .mad. To my knowledge this and P. 'horns surprise' are the only cultivars that are from P. madagascariense. I know that this cultivar can be propagated by spore and pups. I believe by spring that some more will be made available keep checking back. I will be posting more info and let people know when more are ready. You can email me if you wont to get on the weighting list.