Bayer's Advanced Insect Killer

Bayer's Advanced Insect Killer
This is an insecticide I use safely on ALL platycerium ferns. IT works like a dream. Does not effect the fern and should not kill it. I had used it on small seedlings and pups and have had noting but good results. It will kill the insects instantly and then has another chemical that will get inside of the ferns and keep on killing insects. I recommend using this if you wont fast results. I only know that i have used this chemical in the % ratings safely and do not know if using more of one chemical will harm the fern of not. I do not think it matters. You also can get Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower insect Killer. That has B-cyluthrin in it. It is only sold in a 24 oz bottle.

Where to buy: Lowes hardware is the place I get it. It come in concentrate so you will need to mix some up in a separate bottle. READ THE DIRECTIONS.

Chemicals: Imidacloprid .72% this is the systemic. B-cyfluthrin .36% Kills on contact.

Here is a links to the sight where you can order it online. Bayer's Advanced Insect Killer
And the Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower Insect killer